Then We Shall Fight In The Shade...

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We Are The Spartans Paintball Squad

We are a tactical, recon squad designed on the concept of a fast moving, small man team.  Our objective is simple.  Locate enemy forces, eliminate enemy forces, by any and all means necessary.  But, we have the capabilities to be a major assault force if need be.  We focus heavily on controlled, concentrated fire and almost entirely on team work.  This website is designed and based on the idea of keeping all Spartans up to date on everything going on with the Squad.  Whether it be training days, scenario games coming up, or just simple updates that go around.  A members page for each player will be brought up over time speccing out each member and their personal gear kit/style.  But, above all else, I want each of yall to know you were picked to be apart of this squad based on the merits you display as a person, and as a friend.  I know I can count on any of you, and yall should know that you can count on each other.  I'm proud to be all of yalls friend, and just as proud to be your Seargent.  Alright, lets have as much fun with this as we can!  Spartans, Roll Out!!

Construction In Progress!!

As it may be very obvious, this website is a major work in progress.  While I have a majority of the basics already completed, there is still a lot more I'd like to accomplish with this Site.  I hope our Squad finds this to be an easy way to keep up to date on whats going on, and if yall would check up on it every few days, you should have no problem knowing when Squad training will be!


  • Anything new with the website will be displayed right here


Email with Complaints/Ideas

If you have any complaints about the website, email me at the link below and I'll do my best to fix any complaints, Thanks for visiting!